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Hey Sacred Sisters! Want to live a sacred life daily? Don’t think you have enough time to do it? Think again? It’s all a matter of perception and creativity….I am just an average mom but I learned to turn my ordinary life into my personal Temple.


This blog is where I share sacred living tips, DiY crafts, alternative healing info as well as journal ideas to help heal and create your own personal temple out of your ordinary life. It is my hopes that in my journey and struggle that I may learn valuable life lesson to live to my highest potential. As I learn and grow I will share with you what I have learned and new ideas that can be added to your daily living. So please enjoy and feel free to share with me in my healing that you may be healed as well. Drop me a line on Facebook or Sit and Enjoy one of my Videos on YouTube.

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“It was in my darkest hours that I saw my brightest light, MySelf!”
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I have been blogging and making videos since 2007. It has been a long journey and a fun and great learning experience. I am a DIY kinda Girl, a Natural Health Consultant, Sacred Metaphysician and Sisterhood Facilitator. My interests are many and varied because there are so many topics I want to dig my teeth in, I find it hard to just pick one, or two, or three or …well you get the idea…



I choose a cat logo because they are a balance of agreeable and disagreeable creating balance.

Balance is necessity to create a sacred life.

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