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DIY Projects to Heal and add Sacredness to your Life

UR craft is being able to creatively express your essence via crafting as the medium. It can be by browsing and purchasing unique handcrafted
items or viewing my videos to learn and start making your own crafts. Either way handcrafted jewelry and accessories are and excellent way to keep goddess Magick Alive in your life!




My latest news I redid my kitchen using Feng Shui Cures. I have a small kitchen that when my husband and I would go in it ,we would feel tense and always have disagreements. The tension level was high. I would instantly get aggravated when anyone would enter the kitchen when I was trying to cook. After analyzing it with Feng Shui I realized the energy was terrible. According to Feng Shui having the kitchen sink opposite the stove creates the atmosphere of fire vs water = steam. You can use wind chimes to redirect this negative chi or you may place a green rug in between them to create more harmony in the kitchen. Research Feng Shui Cures for more examples. Also according to Feng Shui the Kitchen is the heart of the home and signifies abundance. Knowing that I realized we had to start organizing the kitchen if we wanted to create positive energy and allow more abundance into our lives. So the person who lived here before us decided to put down flooring and tile tht we really didn’t like.

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Summer Is Here. Are You Blossoming And Renewing Your Life As All Nature Does This Time Of Year. You Don’t Have To Do A Major Change But Just Some Spring Cleaning,Fasting, Or Yard Work Can Do Wonders To Bring In The Spring Energy And Awaken New Energies To Revitalize Your Life. My Myself,My Husband And Kids Have Been Doing Major Yard Work. We Gutted The Garage And Old Bushes And Branches To Make Space For Enjoying Our Yard This Summer. After Mowing And Weeding And Cutting I Decided To Take And Old Barren Dusty Area And Renew It With An Herbal Garden. I Decided I Wasn’t Going To Plant Anything Directly Into The Ground This Year As I Still Am Having Bad Memories Of My Previous Experience With Weed Overgrowth,Not Again! Not Now Anyway. So Here I Have It ” My Herbal Garden” Now All I Need Is The Herbs….LOL

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