Meet Takayu

Greetings Sacred Sisters,

I’m Takayu….I’m just an average wife and mom living my routine life…..
blah blah blah….IN A SACRED WAY… Follow me and I’ll show you how…

I am a modern day Herbal Witch and  Sacred Metaphysical Sister among other things….I was born and raised in the urban city of Newark NJ aka “The Brick City” in the year 1974. My mother came to America at the age of 19 from West Africa, Liberia to be exact. Several years later she met my dad , an and they wed. Despite my parent’s and family’s traditional religious beliefs, I decided at the age of 17 to venture out and connect with my birthright. That birthright was ancient science that predate modern religious belief systems. I studied metaphysics under several teachers from my late teens to mid twenties where I later became a member of an Egyptian Mystic Order. It was during this period that I began to awaken to my true self. My true self meaning as an African American Woman of the Diaspora and a Priestess of the Order of Bastet. My whole life I never really fit in because I am a crazy mix of magick, mom, domestic girly herbal witch…go figure….I guess that is a true mix of Bastet energy…Girly and Feminine yet Ferocious and Fearless.

I later went back to school for some herbal and medical studies where I completed my certification in natural health consultation,clinical laboratory science as well as continued my studies of metaphysics and herbology. The more I learned of my ancient sciences and practices the journey became very lonely. Around the year 2000 I had the first thought to create a sacred sisterhood. Several years went by and in my desire to connect with other women of the African Diaspora on the same path so I started searching for a place that felt like home. I searched and searched but the only serious metaphysical sisterhoods that I could find were geared toward women of other cultures. In the year 2008 I decided to manifest the idea that I desired so I began building an online community to provide sisterhood support for sisters on a similar journey.While cultivating this site into a physical sorority with local meet ups I continued to work on several books,albums,artworks and self-healing all in a simultaneous mix of metamorphosis. 

Live Sacred
So Welcome to my conscious chaos……I just want you to know no matter your size or place in life you can start to live a sacred life today. I made excuses myself of “Oh when I get down to this size” ” Oh when I make this amount of money” “Oh when I master this lesson” There is no better then the “Now” as Eckhart Tolle puts it.
I often receive messages from my higher self at an extremely high rate and I become overwhelmed in trying to manifest these ideas into a physical reality. So as you can see if you have known or followed me over the years that I have a wide range of interests that I dab in. I attribute this to my Chinese Zodiac Wood Tiger aspects. But nonetheless I am a catalysts and a spark in the grand scheme of things to assist the planet and her inhabitants in their journey into evolution and higher vibrations. So…LET’S EVOLVE SACREDLY AND EASILY!